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La palabra “TREND”, tendencia en inglés significa “cambio”.

La podemos fijar como aquel proceso de cambio en los grupos humanos, que da división a nuevas evacuación, deseos, formas de comportamiendo y por ende a nuevos productos y servicios.

Las sociedades humanas a lo grande del tiempo han tenido la indigencia por manifestar sus características, cada individuo elige ciertas características para ser agradecido en el interior de un liga de personas.

Las tendencias han llegado a formar parte fundamental del estudio de las sociedades y de la civilización. A lo dilatado de la historia han impresionado el uso y desuso de diferentes productos ya háblese de ropa, utensilios, tecnología, etc., los cuales definen el estilo de una época y sin duda tiene un vinculo social y político que distingue cada una de las etapas históricas.

La tendencia puede ser descrita como un deseo por el cual unos individuos distintos los unos a los otros sin haberse puesto de acuerdo muestran tener los mismos deseos. La tendencia la podemos comprender como un ciclo, en el que el objeto pasa de tendencia a ser un must have, a posteriori a un pasado de moda y a su homicidio, pero la reinvención o la entrada de toda tendencia lo hace cíclico.

No todo lo que se le denomina como tendencia tiene que ser en el ámbito comercial, la tendencia va desde el nombre que le pondremos a nuestro hijo, hasta el cómo nos dejaremos la barba, la moda se ha ido esparciendo a cada uno de los objetos que utilizamos y hasta en los servicios; que designan igualmente un modo de vida.

El conocerlas, analizarlas y crear estrategias en nivelación con nuestros bienes, títulos y civilización de la empresa, puede significar la superioridad que necesitamos para desmarcarnos de la competencia. Es importante proyectar cerca de el futuro, pero sobre todo forjarnos caminos con fundamento para exprimir el presente.

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  • On the Christmas Eve I was six, my grandparents were at my house. My family was sitting in the living room, laughing and opening presents. My grandma handed me a present with my name on the tag. Like the six-year-old I was, I eagerly tore the wrapping paper and caught a glimpse of the box. Ripping the rest of the paper off, I began jumping up and down and excitedly yelling, "Steak, steak! I got steak!"
    Now, I loved steak and still do. It is my all time favorite food.
    As soon as she heard me screaming this, my grandma came over and told me that I did not get steak for Christmas. She opened the "steak box" and pulled out a pair of pajamas. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. Since then, no one has ever put my gifts inside a steak box.

  • There was this one time where on Christmas, where me and my cousins were in the pool, and my dad brought his new phone outside, and then he dropped his phone in the pool because my cousin smacked it in there. He blamed me for it for some reason.

  • When I was growing up, I always felt like my cousin was spoiled by our grandpa. He would get all kinds of cool toys and I'd get a dollar store barbie I was too old for. I tried my best to be polite about it and even to this day i still feel like i wasnt grateful enough. But one year he got me this beautiful ceramic heart shaped music box. I held it in my hand and I almost cried. I loved it so much. That was maybe…20 years ago. We weren't super close, as it turns out my dad's relationship with him was kind of rocky, but I'm 31 now and he's been gone almost 17 years now (omg..) and I STILL have the music box.

  • I went to church at midnight on Christmas Eve. I was about 9 at the time, so I wasn’t used to staying up late, anyways, my grandpa gave me a pepper mint. Then, I started yawning and choking on the peppermint since it went down my windpipe. My mom did the heimlich on me and I threw up all in the aisle. This happened about 4 years ago 😂😂

  • My aunt and mother try to get each other’s kids the most obnoxious present or the one that will drive the other crazy so this year my mother got my 12-year-old cousin a flask a deck of cards against humanity

  • so when i was like 5 idk it was christmas day and i was still sleeping and my sisters and mom decided to start christmas without me and they just left me sleeping and it that was the christmas that we got our dog so to wake me up they had belle lick my face i remember being so excited. and that’s a fun christmas story of mine not very long but yeah.

  • My Christmas story is one Christmas eve we a lot of guests over and my brother and sisters were doing a musical number so my brother introduced them and said "this song is for my brother its called what child is this?" XD

  • My story happened a while ago….
    At the age of 11 I notice that I was sick because I had a lot of seizures (that just happened in a normal day because I had never had a seizure before), after a few studies and analysis the doctors discovered that I had a brain tumor, they operate me in the month of March and I thought that everything was okay, but in the same year (like in November) they discover that I had another tumor in the same spot, the doctors operate me again but this time I stayed in the hospital like 2 months , including Christmas and new year, those days were dark and really sad for me and all my family, its a rare feeling having Christmas and new year in a hospital (even though that the nurses and people that made the food there treated me like a king, the nurses give me gifts on "El dia de Reyes" that is like Santa Claus here in Mexico), but that was not the worst…..
    A few months after that they discover that I had cancer so I had to take like 9 quemotherapy's so I had to go on December (almost Christmas ) to see the doctor for some analysis, the worst part of that was seeing kids (like at the age of 5 or 6) taking a quemotherapy that was really sad and heartbreaking….
    Thanks to God today I am 19 and I am really fine and I am celebrating In a good way these holidays but I still try to pray for the ones who are not passing a good time …

  • One year, it was Christmas me and the rest of my siblings woke up… at 4 am. It was like every Christmas, but we would always hate it when we couldn't open them till mom and dad woke up >:l! My older brother really wanted to get a hover board and he saw one sitting under the tree. He started freaking out because he thought it was his. Then we started Christmas and it ended up being my younger sister's. (btw if you actual end up animation this… i doubt it -_- I have 1 older brother, 4 little sisters and 1 younger brother with another baby on the way) just encase once again i'm pretty sure you wont animate this… XD

  • When I was little (like 4 or 3) I was in my room on Christmas eve my door was always locked bc you can't have 4/3 year old kids running around can you? Anyways I looked under the Crack of my door and see this:2 boots with red pants with a wihte fluffy trim. I was speechless. I heard a HO HO HO then passed out it was somthing I'll never forget. my dad also saw santa but he was a little older like about 8. He was smart he decided he would make a tripwire with a bell attached. That year he wanted a bike for Christmas(this is important later) so he's sleeping and he hears the bell he wakes up he couldn't move for some reason and passed out. That year instead of a bike he got a wood carving kit. The next year on his birthday he came home to find a bike with guess what:a bow and a candy cane hung by the handle bar BTW his birthday is on July 28th his parents and grandparents both said they had no idea where it came from and I choose to believe it you don't have to but I think it's a pretty cool story anyways if James is reading this is just want to say your pretty great and I also have one question:what happened when you met jaiden for the first time? Thx James from Ally!

  • There was one time when we were going to open our presents and we discovered that my cat had got to them. She'd ripped wrapping paper everywhere and we found her laying in her own homemade throne of wrapping paper. 👍

  • My parents and I lived in a small home that was about 90 years old. We lived there from the time I was 7 to when I was 19. Ever since the day we moved in, I felt that I was not alone. One year around Christmas time, I had a friend spend the night. The heat had shut off briefly and her and I were sitting in the living room watching television when the temperature dropped substantially. As I rose to turn up the heat, the Christmas tree began to shake violently. Ornaments were falling off right and left and she and I were terrified. We ran upstairs and lay down on my bed. My white cat curled up with us and my door was opened slightly. When I gazed into the hallway, I was horrified to see a tall white figure run down the hall. I turned to my friend and she acknowledged that she had seen the exact same thing. She never spent the night again.

  • Jcgjyffftjtjddthgcnvmhkjg. Ok Christmas 2011. My brother was playing with his ham and smacking his fork on the ham over and over again. My older sister out of freaking nowhere “StOp bEaTiNg yOur fUckIng mEaT”. That’s about the only good memory I have of Christmas. Christmas sucks. Ok bye.

  • Every Christmas Eve , my family would gather into the car and we would go to different neighborhoods and looks at all the Christmas lights, one year we did a scavenger hunt and tried to find a Christmas decoration that matched the one on the list, like we would look for Santa, reindeer, candle, the word NOEL look for a Christmas tree and other Christmas related stuff

  • It was Christmas Eve and our family has a tradition of reading the Night before Christmas at Midnight. It was finally time to read the story when my aunt starts having a cramp and starts asking for something. And you would never guess (idk maybe you would) she asked for mustard to help it. Our family erupts in laughter as someone from our family runs upstairs and yells,” Yellow, or stadium”
    When we finally get to reading the story, our aunt is there drinking mustard.

  • When I was about 5 years old I really wanted a dollhouse for Christmas. I always spend Christmas Eve at my Grandma’s house, then come back home on Christmas. When I came through the door Christmas Morning, I saw the dollhouse and shouted “HOLY CRAP ITS HERE!!!” And my parents will never let me live it down!

  • one time on Christmas eve, when I was little, I was in bed when I noticed that my cousin had left her water bottle in my room. So I headed downstairs to tell my mom. little information on my house, the first half of the stairs when your going down is covered by wall, so you have you have to be halfway down the stairs before you can see out into the living room. Anyway, back to the story. So I was heading down the stairs, in good spirits because I knew Santa would be there tonight. I was halfway down the stairs when I froze. There was my mom, filling the stockings. I quietly snuck back upstairs. The next morning I told my mom and she tried to play it off as if Santa had given her the gifts and she was just filling the stockings for Santa, but the damage had already been done. And that was the year I stopped believing in Santa. Though if I will continue this tradition of lies with my children, only time will tell.

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