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Watch Man drops magnum of Champagne on the floor in Ibiza’s club #Trending

Guy spills magnum of champagne ‘worth £30,000’ in Ibiza

Guy drops magnum of Champagne on the flooring in Ibiza’s club

Pop goes the ego! Guy spills full magnum of champagne ‘worth £30,000’ on the flooring of an Ibiza nightclub
The cringe-worthy clip shows the male opening the bottle in a active Spanish club
But it all goes completely wrong as the magnum slips from his fingers, falls and smashes
An oversize bottle can value up to £30,000 in substantial-finish clubs on the island
By Alex Eco-friendly For Mailonline

Posted: 21:27 GMT, 23 January 2018 | Current: 21:32 GMT, 23 January 2018


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This is the moment a male spills an full magnum of expensive champagne on the flooring of an Ibiza nightclub.

Dressed in an expensive-seeking match, this is the man’s moment to impress.

A crowd has gathered all around him in anticipation.

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