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Watch Thomas Train Stunts #Trending

Thomas the Tank Engine goes pro skater and pulls off some unwell jumps with his prepare buddies. Filmed with an Iphone SE at a hundred and twenty frames for each second.

New music “EINAG” by Mewnlight Rose soundcloud.com/mewnlight-rose/msndrstd

Marble Operates: youtu.be/IPMvlHVNR7g?listing=PL602556C428E88B6D
Lego Roller Coasters: youtu.be/cDkfYYX_ORg?listing=PL7E53D939DC0CB341
Knex Roller Coasters: youtu.be/eiZf32G4A3c?listing=PLD3F47DEACC71D322
End Movement Animations: youtu.be/gLnDkw1Z1YI?listing=PLD5_2v4-fG-1R6Sw2T6C-8y0v-qpzBJo0
Very hot Wheels: youtu.be/GVKhyoQeOu8?listing=PLD5_2v4-fG-0OwscxbJQ8-n9HF7BM-ntR

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Any “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” followers out there?

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