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Watch Saints’ loss to Rams is ‘on the league office’ – Stephen A. | First Take #Trending

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody say the missed pass interference call that gave the Los Angeles Rams the NFC Championship over the New Orleans Saints is a product of bad replay rules by the NFL. Max Kellerman says it is “the most eggregious missed call in the history of football.”

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La palabra “TREND”, tendencia en inglés significa “cambio”.

La podemos explicar como aquel proceso de cambio en los grupos humanos, que da zona a nuevas deposición, deseos, formas de comportamiendo y por ende a nuevos productos y servicios.

Las sociedades humanas a lo liberal del tiempo han tenido la escazes por manifestar sus características, cada individuo elige ciertas características para ser agradecido en el interior de un agrupación de personas.

Las tendencias han llegado a formar parte fundamental del estudio de las sociedades y de la civilización. A lo amplio de la historia han impresionado el uso y desuso de diferentes productos ya háblese de ropa, utensilios, tecnología, etc., los cuales definen el estilo de una época y sin duda tiene un conexión social y político que distingue cada una de las etapas históricas.

La tendencia puede ser descrita como un deseo por el cual unos individuos distintos los unos a los otros sin haberse puesto de acuerdo muestran tener los mismos deseos. La tendencia la podemos comprender como un ciclo, en el que el objeto pasa de tendencia a ser un must have, posteriormente a un pasado de moda y a su homicidio, pero la reinvención o la entrada de toda tendencia lo hace cíclico.

No todo lo que se le denomina como tendencia tiene que ser en el ámbito comercial, la tendencia va desde el nombre que le pondremos a nuestro hijo, hasta el cómo nos dejaremos la barba, la moda se ha ido esparciendo a cada uno de los objetos que utilizamos y hasta en los servicios; que designan incluso un modo de vida.

El conocerlas, analizarlas y crear estrategias en compensación con nuestros bienes, títulos y civilización de la empresa, puede significar la delantera que necesitamos para desmarcarnos de la competencia. Es importante proyectar alrededor de el futuro, pero sobre todo forjarnos caminos con fundamento para explotar el presente.

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Facebook es una red social creada por Mark Zuckerberg mientras estudiaba en la universidad de Harvard. Su objetivo era diseñar un espacio en el que los alumnos de dicha universidad pudieran cambiar una comunicación fluida y compartir contenido de forma sencilla a través de Internet. Fue tan reformador su esquema que con el tiempo se extendió hasta estar habitable para cualquier afortunado de la red.

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  • Dude, Max is always trying to be politically correct. He is that type of guy you can never trust because he rather tell you what you want to hear vs what you need to hear. He will straight up lie and not give his honest opinion on something to avoid being disliked by anybody. He is a straight up hater and a bitch.

    That was more towards his comments on Tony Romo commentating. SAS praised the dude and gave respect then max straight up hated on him.

    Now Saints got straight up robbed. Ridiculous. Not only was it pass interference it was helmet to helmet.

  • Then let's review every play, and all action on every player. Before Brees threw that pass two Saints' linemen could have been called for Holding or Hands-in-the-Face. Coleman's PI would have been offset by at least one offensive penalty against the Saints. Result would been the same as what happened – fourth down…. kick the fieldgoal … the rest is history.

  • Rule 17 section 2 article 3
    “The Commissioner’s powers under this Section 2 include the imposition of monetary fines and draft-choice forfeitures, suspension of persons involved in unfair acts, and, if appropriate, the reversal of a game’s result or the rescheduling of a game, either from the beginning or from the point at which the extraordinary act occurred.”
    I rest my case

  • They keep saying "A" ref…aren't there a BUNCH of zebras out there? One of them HAD to see that. So why can't one of them say "I saw it. Even if it's not in my area, I'm making the call because you missed it"? They do it in basketball. But as far as reviewing pass interference…NO!! If we start with that where does it stop? Before long we are reviewing EVERY call EVERY play & games become 17 hours long.

  • I'm going to be honest, i think it was just human error. Now does it suck? Yes of course! But it happens to teams. For instance look at the world cup! Most viewed tournament in the world and the penalty call made on Mexico to give a penalty to the Netherlands in the 90 min mark was something that shouldn't of been done but it happen. Sadly it happen to the saints and they are gonna have try again next year. It would of happen the other way, then Rams fans would be angry too.

  • Hi this is a real testimony of mine. I just want to say that God is real. Please read if you don't believe.
    I hated my parents. We were normal family but I always wanted to run away. I would fight with them so hard. I wanted love and understanding so I turned to parties, alcohol, and social media.
    I scoffed at the idea that God is real. But one day I felt so miserable because I realized world pleasures could not satisfy me. I bet you felt this too.

    All I really cared for myself was to have fun and be wealthy. But it's so empty and never ending. I gossiped a lot too. Then I searched up a worship song of Jesus Christ. I mean, I was scoffing at myself while doing that thinking, 'I will never serve Jesus Christ. He is not real.'
    But when I turned on a song, presence of God overwhelmed me and I was so shocked.
    God was real. He is real still working. Watching this earth sinning and collapsing into destruction.
    He knows everything. He sees what men are doing. He knows what men are doing.

    I repented all my sins that day. I really gave my life to Jesus. And you know what!! All my addictions were gone in one day! Alcohol addiction, porno addiction, sns addiction, etc Just like that! Because holy spirit came to me. For the first time of my life I obeyed my parents and I tell them i love you, thank you!! God's power is so great! Devil tried to stop me many times. He would give me this fear at night before sleeping and all kinds of temptations. But I turned to God and God can handle everything.

    God sent his son Jesus Christ to save us sinners and this is trustworthy. Jesus died for our sins on the cross so we can start completely clean with God. It's a new life! God will give you new heart and new mind to love him. He will open your eyes from blindness. Jesus Christ is lord of all and he is going to come back. He also gave my brother a vision of people in hell raising up their hands to heaven but there was boundary so they couldn't. You've got to realize there is eternal place to go after you die. Through Jesus we can be forgiven and live a new life. We can be right with God through faith of Jesus Christ,.

    Funny thing is that I was so shocked when I realized that GOD is real but I was again so shocked when I went to church. It's because church was in a deeeeep sleep. They didn't know this powerful truth that Jesus Christ is real and that God is real. Many lived for the world not for God. Many compromised with their sin and was sitting there just being religious. That was why service was boring and not enlightening with no power. I feel pain when saying this but Jesus Christ is the one we should follow. It is not about prosperity. To live is to die with Christ. You die in sin on the cross and become alive spiritually in Jesus by his resurrection from the death.

    God does not take glad in religious activity. What matters is faith, love, and justice. I was heading straight toward to hell but I got saved. I don't need to entertain myself like before. I don't need money. I need Jesus everyday. The hope of eternal, and this joy coming from heaven is indescribable. God gave me new heart and new life. He said he loves me. You too, if you are reading this, come to Jesus. He is so mighty and supreme.
    If this touched you, I strongly suggest you to watch pastor David Wilkerson's sermons. God bless you all!

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